In December of 1983 “Elvis the Legend” was issued. Although pressed in Germany it was distributed worldwide via mail order. In that first year of production there were no CD pressing plants located in the US and the CD’s distributed in the US were pressed in Japan. Since then hundreds of titles have been produced. Almost all the original LP’s have been issued. Then they have been reissued with bonus tracks. There are Box sets, custom cds for issue with

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books, and even Christmas ornaments. It seems as though every time you turn around there is a new CD’s coming out. Some of the most exciting cds were issued on BMG’s product label “FTD”. Although there are a couple of websites out there pertaining to Elvis on CD I am going to try to create a site with all US issued cds. This is a huge task and if anyone has any information that I could use or have overlooked as a I prepare this site I would appreciate your input.